Late Antroposcene Findings

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

By Teodora Georgieva

Director: Lyubomir Kolaksazov

Scenographer: Tsetska Ivaylova

Composer: Hristo Namlievchoreographer: Maria Dimitrova

Actors: Anna-Valeria Gostanian, Hristo Petev

Puppet Theatre George Mitev, Yambol

Tsetska Ivaylova

Tsetska Ivaylova is a scenographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2018 she graduated in (BA) Stage Design and in 2020 with (MA) Visual Performance at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. She works in the field of Drama Theater as well as Puppet Theatre, TV commercials, music videos, and movies – as an author and assistant. During the last two years, her work has mostly focused on design implementation and developing the final visual product to best suit any given production. 

She is interested in production organization, different departments’ structures and work optimization, innovation, and new technologies in the field, but without leaving behind the good old ways, constantly adapting to the designers’ specific jobs and requirements. She is mostly interested in renewing theatre manufacturing structures. 

Since March 2023 she has been working as a costume design assistant at the National Theatre Ivan Vazov, Bulgaria. Before that she worked as a main painter (props department) for Red Sonja, produced by Millennium Films, and as a costume designer (costumes department) in Young Woman and the Sea’, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Paramount Pictures, and Walt Disney Pictures. Previous projects are Romeo and Juliet in Theatre Konstantin Velichkov and The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and Puppet Theatre George Mitev as a scenographer.