Late Antroposcene Findings


Late Antroposcene Findings

Welcome to the Bulgarian pavilion at PQ23, where we celebrate the afterlife of theatre props.

Scenography is an ephemeral art form rooted in the present moment, existing only for the duration of the theatre play it was designed to serve. When the performance ends, however, these objects take on a new life. 

Late Antroposcene Findings is a performance installation that speculates about a potential present or future life for scenographic objects and costumes whose theatrical life has ended.

Some of these objects, perhaps more fortunate, have the stories of their life retold, from mouth to mouth, for those who want to listen. Others will spend decades confined to a cardboard box while the world forgets they existed. So we reimagine their purpose and meaning.

Late Antroposcene Findings includes an auction where the audience can buy an original scenographic object, with or without the original meaning and purpose, and potentially give these objects a new life.

Although the objects in Late Antroposcene Findings might be separated from their theatrical life, they will continue to serve our inherent human need to tell stories and play. 

Late Antroposcene Findings provides a space to speculate on the story about a possible afterlife of scenographic objects.

Commissioner for the Bulgarian pavilion at PQ23, Late Antroposcene Findings, is Petya Boyukova, produced by the Union of Bulgarian Artists and funded by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria and the Sofia municipality Culture Program 2023