Late Antroposcene Findings

Chaplin the Musical

Music, lyrics, and books: Christopher Curtis and Thomas Meehan

Director: Boris Pankin

Conductor: Stracimir Pavlov 

Scenographer: Konstantin Garnizov

Costume design: Rozina Makaveeva

Production of TMPC, Varna

Photographer: Rosen Donev

Rozina Makaveeva

Rozina Makaveeva graduated in Scenography at the National Academy of Art in Sofia in 1999. Since 2003 she has been a professor of Scenography, Composition, and Painting at the same department where she obtained her PhD (2008). She took part in exhibitions in Bulgaria, China, the United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Czech Republic. She was a resident at the Cite des Arts in Paris and Arthost in Barcelona. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. 

Rozina develops her work in the area of digital two-dimensional and three-dimensional tools, mixing different formats such as installations, happening, and immersive events. She works with photography, digital graphics, and digital and analog assembly.

Important performances she has worked on as a Scenographer and Costume Designer are: Buduranga, directed by Atanas Atanasov, Drama Theater in Plovdiv; Treats, directed by Peter Kaukov, Drama Theater Stephan Kirov in Sliven; Love and Money, directed by P. Kaukov, Nikolay Binev Youth Theater in Sofia. 

She is the co-author with Nevena Georgieva and Aleьandra Kochoska of Visions’-installation-Via Pontica, the international festival of Balchik, also at the Bulgaria-Chinese exhibition at Gallery Tayyam, at Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City in Pekin. She was a curator and participant in the Anniversary Exhibition ‘70 years specialty Scenography at the Academy Gallery of the National Academy of Art. She was invited to the Guanlan Print biennial in China, her works were acquired by Guanlan Print Museum, where her Costume Designing solutions were presented for the musical Chaplin – the musical production of State Opera Varna.