Late Antroposcene Findings

Strindberg Gallery

Director: Chris Sharkov

Scenography: Iliyana Kancheva

Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi

Cast: Dimitar Nikolov, Mak Marinov, Bilyana Georgieva, Slavena Zaikova, Alexander Uzunov

Poster: Ralitsa Georgieva

Photographer – Stefan N. Shterev

Ikar 2022 award for scenography (Iliyana Kancheva)

Ikar 2022 nomination for supporting male role (Alexander Uzunov)

Iliyana Kancheva

Iliyana Kancheva is a stage designer and visual artist, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2010 she graduated in Stage Design(BA) and in 2014 in Digital Arts(MA) at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. Iliyana works in the field of drama theater as well as photography, video and installation. Her works explore the vanishing niche of the imperfect, the error, the bug as an outcast category, but also as an invariable feature of the human nature.

In the field of theater, through the means of stage design, Iliyana is interested in finding the ways to render, to convey the nature and state of contemporary man – his ultimate solitude, alienated from the society and failing to connect, unable to fit in the world as it is, while powerless to change it.

Between 2013 and 2014 her experimental films were selected for various video art festivals in Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia in Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Belgium and Germany. She has four solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. In February 2017 Iliyana is awarded a one-month creative residency at the Arts Connection Foundation in Miami, USA. In 2022 she won the Icarus Award of the Union of Artists in Bulgaria for best theater scenography. In 2023 Iliyana is selected to participate in the International Forum, part of Theatertreffen in Berlin.