Late Antroposcene Findings

Three bills

Client: EasyPay 

Agency: Human Agency

Production company: Human Production

Тsveta Dimova

Тsveta Dimova is a Scenographer and Production Artist. In 2020 graduated Scenography (BA) at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia.

Her professional interests are in the field of Film and Musical art and Publicity. She is the Visual Artist of three films and numerous shorts. She is also an Artist in the Production of the publicity of brands such as PayPal, Tuborg, Fashion Days, A1 and EasyPay. Some of her professional achievements include the Music videos for performers such as Father John, Misty, Victoria Georgieva, and Molec.

Tsveta Dimova presented The lucky necklace – a necklace that is made specifically for the advertisement of EasyPay in the Bulgarian exhibition on PQ23. The concept behind is a symbolic reference to the horseshoe which in Bulgaria is believed to bring luck.