Late Antroposcene Findings

Come See Us

By Kiril Topalov

Director: Vladlen Alexandrov

Scenography, costumes and multimedia: Ivan Karev and Vesela Statkova

Choreography: Tatyana Sokolova

Music: Asen Avramov

Drama Theatre Pleven, 2023

Vessela Statkova graduated in 1987 Scenography at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. She had her postgraduate study in Painting and DesignInformatics in Germany. In 1999 she became Assistant in Basic Media Technologies and lecturer in Computer Graphics and Video in Halle, Germany. 

Since 1987 she has been working as a set and costume designer in theaters in Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, North Macedonia etc. From 1987 until 1996 she worked as a full time scenographer in the State Theater in Kardjali. Since 2008 she is Associate Professor of Computer Aided Design & Scenography at the Academy for Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv. Vessela Statkova is a founder of the Multimedia & Virtual Reality Master program at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv, she is also a leading professor in Scenography (BA/MA) program there. Since 2018 she is a Head of Applied Arts Department. She is a member of the Atelier-29 Art Group, and member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. 

Vessela Statkova is working in the sphere of scenography, videography, installation and digital art. She has participated in numerous theater exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2011 Vessela was nominated for the curator of the Bulgarian National pavilion at the PQ11.