Late Antroposcene Findings

Christmas Tree Upside Down

2006, directed by Ivan Cherkelov and Vasil Zhivkov

producer Rositsa Valkanova, production artist Vanina Geleva

Men of Deeds

2022, directed by Paul Negoesku,

Produced by: Anamaria Antoci, Poly Angelova, Production Design Vanina Geleva

Vanina Geleva

Vanina Geleva graduated in Stage Design at the Bulgarian National Academy of Art in 2004 in the class of Professor Svetoslav Kokalov.

In the same year, she was awarded with the Ikar prize of the Union of Bulgarian Artists for the stage design and costumes for The Cuckoo Play a production of the Bulgarian National Theatre Ivan Vazov (directed by Dimitar Elenov).

In 2011 she received the Best Production Designer of 2011 Award from the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers.

In addition to the stage design for theatrical plays, Vanina works as a production designer in movie productions since 2004.

Up to now, she has been a production designer of more than 15 films, most of which are award-winning, such as: Crazy Day by Silvia Pesheva; Lady Zee and The Goat directed by George Dyulgerov; Crabs and Christmas Tree Upside Down, directed by Ivan Cherkelov; Hindemith by Andrei Slabakov; Prima Primavera of Janos Edeleny; Tilt by Victor Chouchkov; Shelter by Dragomir Sholev; Alienation, Nanook by Milko Lazarov; ’The Lesson, Glory, The Father by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov, Godless by Ralitza Petrova

In 2015 she received for the second time the Award of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers for best scenography in the films Buferna zona and The Lesson.