Late Antroposcene Findings

All Grown-ups Were Once Children

Written by Elza Laleva based on The Little Prince and Winnie-the-Pooh

Director: Elza Laleva

Set, costume and puppet design: Anna Yanakieva

Music: Peter Radevski

Cast: Bojana Manovska, Desislava Mincheva – Todorova, Gergana Libova and Boris Hadjiyski

Rhodope Drama Theatre Nikolay Haytov, Smolyan, 2020

Anna Yanakieva

Anna Yanakieva has a BA degree in Scenography from the National Academy of Art with and also holds a Master’s degree in the Design of original visual theater. She was an Erasmus+ student at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. 

She is a freelance Scenographer and she is the Light artist of Theater Laboratory Sfumato and at the Bulgarian Army Theater. Some performances she has worked in include: Three Sisters and All Grown-ups Were Once Children at the Rhodope Drama Theater Nikolay Haytov in Smolyan; A Body Thrown at an Angle Toward the Horizon at Azaryan Theater and Teach Hard at City Mark Art Center. She has directed three performances Stories from the Mental Asylum; Fireflies and The White Rat at the Theatre Laboratory Sfumato.

Apart from her work as a scenographer for cinema and theater, Anna is aiming at developing as a director, light designer, and editor. She is also working as a painter, sculptor, poster, and cover designer; she also plays the piano.

She obtained a Creative scholarship in 2022 and a successful project grant Debut in 2021 from the National Cultural Fund, thanks to which she made the short film Kvadraturin. She has participated in numerous exhibitions; including 4 independent shows at the Gallery Art 36 and Fox Book Cafe. She took part in PQ ’15 and the festival Goldеn Dolphin in Varna as well as in various workshop events. In 2023 she conducted a workshop event for stage lighting.