Late Antroposcene Findings

To Be or Not To Be Romeo and Juliet

By W. Shakespeare

Translated by Valery Petrov

Director: Mariy Rosen

Scenography and costumes: Antonia Popova

Actors: Vyara Nacheva, Tanya Yorgova, Denitsa Darinova, Christiana Peneva, Ivaylo Gandev, Dimitar Markov, Ivaylo Dragiev, and Alexander Evgeniev.

Drama Theater Stefan Kirov, Sliven, 2018

Antonya Popova

Antonya Popova is a Scenographer and Visual Artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2002 she obtained a BA in Scenography and in 2004 an MA in Multimedia Performance, Scenography at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. At the moment she is working on her PhD at NATFA Krastyo Sarafov. Since 2017 she has been a tutor in Costume History for Scenography Studies at NATFA. 

Antonya works as a Scenographer and Costume Designer for Drama Theater, Opera, and Cinema. She also works in the field of Photography, Installation, and Performance. In her work, she often combines the media of 2D, 3D animation and the presence of three-dimensional real objects. In her works, she experiments with intervention in the human body and the way it challenges its limits and performance. 

Between 2004-2007 her own multimedia performances were selected for participation in the programs of many Theater and Art Festivals in Varna and Sofia as well as in Northern Macedonia. Between 2009-2013 she participated in the exhibitions Interactive 1 and 2 with multimedia installations, she created illuminated costumes for the performances of Lux Lumina in the first, second, and third editions. She has two independent exhibitions in Bulgaria and also participated in joint photographic exhibitions. In 2016 she designed the illuminated costume for singer Poli Genova at Eurovision, as well as the visual identity of Bulgaria.