Late Antroposcene Findings

Adventure Dangerous..

By Nedialko Yordanov

Director: Kostadin Bandutov

Set and costume designer: Daniela Nikolchova

Actors: Tsvetina Petrova, Stoyan Radev. Nikolay Kenarov. Kostantin Sokolov, Svilen Stoyanov, Daniela Victorova, Valentin Mitev, Gergana Arnaudova, Stanislav Kondov

 Photos by: Veselin Vasilev

 Drama Theatre Stoyan Buchvarov, Varna, Bulgaria, 2018

Truth or Dare

By Stefan Lak

Director: Vasil Duev

Set and costume designer: Daniela Nikolchova

Actors: Angel Kalev and Adriana Dimova

 Photos by Rosina Pencheva

 Drama Theatre Stoyan Buchvarov, Varna, Bulgaria, 2018


By Matyaz Zupanchich

Director: Nikolay Kenarov

Set and costume designer: Daniela Nikolchova

Actors: Ivaylo Ivanov, Konstantin Sokolov, Simeon Liutakov, Aleksandra Maydavska

Photos by Toni Perec

Drama Theater Stoyan Bachvarov, Varna, Bulgaria, 2020

Daniela Nikolchova

Daniela Nikolchova is a Scenographer, Painter, and Digital and Visual artist, successfully working on the theater stage as well as in cinema and with the screen arts. She holds a PhD 2021 at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts and is an assistant to Prof. Mira Kalanova, PhD in the Scenography Art class.

She has worked on over 30 performances as a Scenographer and Costume designer in some of the main theaters in Bulgaria. She successfully released theater performances with the directors: Plamen Markov, Vasilena Popilieva, Stoyan Radev Ge. K, Vasil Duev, Vasilena Radeva, Kris Sharkov, Kostadin Bandutov, Petrinel Gochev and others. She is the visual artist of numerous TV and cinematic projects and music videos. She participates in different theatrical exhibitions and contests in Bulgaria as well as abroad.She was awarded the 2019 Scenography and Costumes Prize of Homo Ludens festival in Nikolaev, Ukraine for the performance Mother-in-law by Anton Strashimirov, directed by Petrinel Gochev at Theater Racho Stoqnov, Gabrovo. In 2015 she was nominated for Ikar in the category Rising Star for the performance Albena by Yordan Yovkov, directed by Vasilena Popilieva at Drama Theater Racho Stoqnov Gabrovo, and for the performance Everything upside down after J. B. Moliere, directed by Plamen Markov, at Drama Theater Stoyan Buchvarov, Varna. Daniela Nikolchova is part of the curatorial team of the National student exposition at the Prague Quadrennial 2023.