Late Antroposcene Findings


Director: Kais Barmawi

Cameraman: Alexander Benev

Design: Mihaela Mihaylova

Movie, Handpayed production 2022

Mihaela Mihaylova

Mihaela Mihaylova-Miki is a Scenographer, Painter, and Visual Artist. In 2019 she graduated in Scenography at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. The same year her independent exhibition Daily opened at the Fox Book Cafe in Sofia. Her works were presented in several joint exhibitions in Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the USA. She is part of various creative teams and she works on creating theater performances, short movies, and advertising.

She is guided by her interest in Synthetic art and Installation and experiments with different digital and photographic methods and collage techniques. She finds inspiration in travel, particularly from her Bulgarian roots and traditions. Her smile illuminates her journey and she dreams of creating a Music scene as this art is always a part of her creative process. Together with Theatre Director Lubomir Sapundzhiev In 2017 she created the performance Probléme á Une Inconnue for the school troupe Les Strapontins which was performed twice on the Moscow stage in 2018 and in 2019 within the Festival MASKI. In 2021 Miki participated in Little Bird International Artist Residency and in the subsequent exhibition Made in Leshten vol.3. At the moment she is writing and directing her first short experimental movie.