Late Antroposcene Findings

Oedipus and The Prophets

Based on Sophocles

Text: Alexander Sekulov

Staging and stage adaptation: Diana Dobreva

Scenography: Mira Kalanova

Costumes: Marina Raytchinova

Music and sound design: Petya Dimanova and Yavor Karagitliev

Choreographer: Stefan Yordanov

Multimedia: Zhelyazko Totev

Photographer: Georgi Vachev

Drama Theater Plovdiv, 2023

Mira Kalanova

Mira Kalanova is a Scenographer with more than 20 years career in cinema and theater. She has PhD in Film Studies and in Film Art and she is a professor of Scenography at NATFA Kr. Sarafov. She works on the most prestigious theater scenes in Bulgaria, including Ivan Vazov National Theater, Drama Theater Sala Ognyanov in Varna and Drama Theater Nikolay Masalitinov in Plovdiv. He is a winner of four ASKEER awards for the best Scenography.

The performances on which she has worked on are: Oedipus (2023) by Sophocles and Aleksandar Sekulov, director Diana Dobreva, Drama Theater Plovdiv; Silk (2021) by Alessandro Baricco, directed by Diana Dobreva, Drama Theater Plovdiv; Othello (2019) by William Shakespeare, director Plamen Markov, Drama Theater Varna; Father and Son (2019) by Francis Zelier, director Diana Dobreva, Ivan Vazov National Theater; Odysseus (2019) by Homer by Aleksandar Sekulov, director Diana Dobreva, Drama Theater Plovdiv. All of the performances are events of the Theater Life of Bulgaria and they are awarded with numerous national prizes.

The Scenography of Mira Kalanova features precise work on the geometry and kinetics of the space, with attention to the diversity of the texture and light.