Late Antroposcene Findings


After Jean Anouilh

Theatre improvisation with ideas and fragments by Sophocles, Roy Chen and Alexander Morfov 

Translation: Hristo Mitskov and Alexander Morfov

Director: Alexander Morfov

Scenography: Semyon Pastukh, Tita Dimova-Vantek

Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu (Romania)

Sound and assistant director: Dushanka Belada (Montenegro)

Assistants: Denis Simeonov and Reni Vrangova

Designer: Nikolay Dimitrov – NAD

Scenography and costumes assistant: Gabriela Dukova

Ivan Radoev Drama and Puppet Theater, Pleven

Tatyana Dimova

Tatyana Dimova is a Scenographer, Visual artist, and Ceramic artist. In 1999 she graduated in Scenography at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia and in 2020 she graduated in Ceramics also at the New Bulgarian University.

Tatyana has created the Scenography and Costumes of numerous performances in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Romania, and North Macedonia. She works in the field of theater, cinema, and television as well as on music videos, art projects, and art installations. Some of her performances are: Anna. Augmented Reality, (2022), directed by Katya Petrova, Gallery Credo Bonum, Sofia; Antigone, (2022), directed by Al. Morfov; Cherry Orchard, (2016), directed by Andriy Zholdak, Centre Gogol, Moscow; the costumes for On the Edge, directed by Al. Morfov at Ivan Vazov National Theater, Sofia; Woyzeck, (2015), directed by Andriy Zholdak, Sao Paulo, and more.

She has been nominated and awarded prestigious awards including a nomination for Golden Mask in 2006, Moskow; Laureate of UNESCO in 2004; Gala Prize for the best Romanian performance Othello?!, (2002), directed by Andriy Zholdak.